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* What is the “Word Association”?

After a half-year preparation period from March 1991, in September, we began supporting Japanese at the "Eble Nagoya" (Nagoya Women's House) venue.
The motto is, "We will help foreigners living in Japan to learn Japanese so that it will be easier for them to live in Japan."
At first, it was only Wednesday, but the learner's request to “talk more” made it possible to establish a middle-advanced conversation-centered classroom from 1994 to Friday.
In addition, we have a parent-child classroom for infants and parents before entering kindergarten.
We provide useful information for daily life by including "how to dispose of garbage in Nagoya city" and "how to get on the subway" in the class, disaster prevention, and AED training.

The “Word Association” is not only a place to learn Japanese, but also a neighbor who is cross-country such as Japanese and foreigners, a place where you can interact as a friend, and people with different mother tongues speak Japanese, and We are active in the hope that we can deepen our ties and share our concerns.

*Number of volunteers

Wednesday: 35 people, Friday: 10 people *Main activities
(1) Learning Japanese 10:00-11:30
(2) Meeting 1st week 11:30-12:30
(3) Salon 3rd week 11:30-12:30
(4) Internal workshop (13:00-15:00 at any time)

*For those who wish to volunteer

1. Participation conditions (1) It does not matter whether you have a Japanese teacher qualification.
(2) Language skills such as English are not required.
(3) Basically, attend every week on either Wednesday or Friday morning (both days allowed)
(4) The Language Association is run by all volunteers. In addition to teaching, you will also participate in management work.
(5) Please participate in internal training and external training as much as possible.
2. Visiting method (1) Visiting day Third Wednesday and Friday (contact required)

Click here for contact form

Please use the subject "Inquiries about language tour".
(2) By the time of the first visit 10 o'clock, there is an information board for the "Eble Nagoya" lobby (1) "Kotoba no Kai" and there is a guide with a name tag. let me know.
② The tour guide will guide you through the classroom, but since it is in class, follow the instructions.
Class tour (30 minutes) → Participate in one class (60 minutes) → Participate in salon (You can talk with learners of various nationalities.)

*Prohibition of taking photos during activities and posting them on the Internet
(3) Second interview → Ask about volunteer registration and motivation to participate.

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