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​FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)




​べんきょう ないよう ちが


なんようび べんきょう

1. What day do you study?

◆ It's Wednesday. There are also Fridays.


◆On Wednesdays, there are elementary, intermediate, advanced, exam preparation, kanji classes and parent-child classes.

*On Friday, there are intermediate and advanced classes. The content to study is different.

Friday class ➡ Facebook  

きんようび   ちゅうきゅう・じょうきゅう       

​すいようび   しょきゅう・ちゅうきゅう・じょうきゅう・ しけんたいさく

​すいようび    きんようび


2. What do you have?

 ​Also     thing  what

◆ Pens, notebooks, money.        


3. 3. Do you want to buy the text?


◆ Beginner class people buy textbooks.


◆ If you are in the intermediate / advanced / exam preparation / kanji class, please ask in the class.     


Chukyu​ ・ Jyokyu ・ Shikentaisaku ・

​Four. How many people are in the class?

​How many people

◆ About 1 to 10 people.    


Five. How do you decide on a class?


◆ Please read. ➡ "Until you enter the class"    

6. I will take a rest. Would you like to contact me?


◆ Please listen in class.     


7. 7. Do you have a certificate of enrollment?

​Zaigaku Shomeisho

◆ No.     

8. 8. I have a small child. Can you study together?

​Chii  child

​Oyako Kyoshitsu Oyako Kyoshitsu

​◆ There is a parent-child classroom. ➡ "Parent-child classroom"

9. Is there a parking lot?


​◆ There are a few. Subway or bus is better.

 ​A little bit





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